Hosting a major sporting event such as an International Marathon comes with many economic, social and cultural benefits to the host community. However the cost of hosting such events can also be quite high mainly in terms of funding.

Regarding its economic benefits, the Event is bound to create a surge in business activities not only in Nnewi City but indeed the State and to a large extent Nigeria. For instance, the influx of Athletes, Coaching Teams, Media Personnel and Visitors in and outside Nigeria to Nnewi City will no doubt generate revenue for the economy. There will be increase in spending and injection of money into the local economy .

There is also the immediate economic benefits that will be derived from sale of souvenirs by vendors, artisans who will be engaged in one form of business or another. The event planners, rental services as well as the hospitality sector will all experience a boost in their businesses.

In addition to raising the profile of the host community, the awareness the Marathon will generate can not be over emphasized. Prior to the event date, there will be massive publicity of the Marathon in the print and electronic media as well as in all the social media platforms. This publicity will, no doubt, generate massive interest towards the host community.

The Nnewi City International Marathon is also going to create enthusiasm in the minds of the Indigenes, particularly the youths who may begin to develop passion for Marathon. Even the elderly, some of whom may be spectators in an International Marathon for the first time, will not be left out! The experience will invariably leave lasting memories in their minds with its attendant health benefits.

A major sporting event such as this International Marathon will provide opportunities for our youths to be engaged in volunteerism which promotes civil virtues.

The Nnewi City in particular and Nigeria in general has a very rich cultural heritage. The Marathon will undoubtedly promote tourism in this regard. The rich tourism sites that abound will play host to visitors to the event.
Although sports tourist will come for the event, they will likely take time out to visit other tourist attractions in the host community and have a first hand experience of the local culture and history.

Feedbacks, social media posts, will likely trend and put the host community on the spotlight for all the good reasons and this will create the desired positive attention to the city, which will in turn encourage others to visit in future thereby increasing the human traffic to Nnewi City as a preferred destination for business and leisure.

With the vast publicity employed to showcase the event, local and international organisations will have the opportunity of advertising their products on the event materials ranging from side walk banners, billboards, street signs and event brochures.

Finally, the organisers of the Marathon will host a world class musical concert at the end of the Marathon to entertain everyone who will be a part of the Marathon.

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